The greatest day!

Happy Birthday Noah! We had such a good time with family and friends! We had a
Bar-B-Q and it was a perfect day. I thought it was going to rain, but it didn’t. All of your grandma’s and grandpa’s were there, and your great aunt Mel and Tammie and Great Uncle Danny. The best thing was that your Great grandpa and grandma got to come too. Uncle Nate and Aunt Kari and Landon were there to celebrate. There were so many there to celebrate you, Noah! They love you very much. They even wore party hats for you!
They wore hats!
They wore hats!
Hats all around!

You loved your cake. It was so fun to watch you eat it! It was a caterpillar cupcake cake so everyone wouldn’t have to eat your mess! And of course it was chocolate with tons of green icing! My philosophy? The messier the better! Daddy had to take your fingers and put it in the icing and then into your mouth because you weren’t too sure of it at first. Once you got a taste, though, goodbye cake!!! MMMMM! It was funny because when you realized that everyone was looking at you, you put on the charm and a show! You would put the cake in your mouth, then look at everyone and do it again.

You are finally getting the hang of the present thing, too! You liked ripping the paper this time.

3 Replies to “The greatest day!”

  1. Cupcakes! You’re brilliant. (Even if you did put Noah in a white shirt to eat his cake — ha! He looks like he did pretty well though…or are there pictures you didn’t show us?)Happy Birthday Noah!

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