Oh Joy!

Dear Noah,

Today one year ago you made your entrance into the world. You are such a fighter! On March 23rd, your daddy and I KNEW we were going to have you that day. My regular Dr. appointment was set for that morning, so we decided to go ahead and pack our bags in the car and just be ready to stay. We had someone ready to watch all of the other kids, and our classes were covered by substitutes. It was funny, I had a sub already (thank you Elenor and Kristen!) but for that Tuesday – Wednesday I went ahead and taught, doing all I could to make you come! We went into the hospital, first, to see a picture of you again and check and make sure everything was going well. Then we went up to hear your heartbeat. I loved hearing that so much! When they looked at the paper they could tell that I was having contractions. I wasn’t hurting at all, but knew there was some kind of something going on. They sent me on to see my Dr., and that was the QUICKEST appointment ever! I was examined, and I was between a 4 and a 5! YEAH! Dr. Mona looked at me and said, “Let’s have a baby!” (I think she was a little frustrated b/c it was obvious I was ready but they didn’t just keep me at the hospital). So, daddy and I walked back to the hospital and up to my nice, big labor suite. I got my favorite room! It had the Hallmark channel that came in nice and clear. I loved being there in the mornings when Little House and the Prairie was on! They had me get all set up, and soon I had my “make me feel so good” shot. I was not shy about an epidural. I wanted you and wanted to be awake when you finally came into our world, but I wasn’t scared to say that I didn’t want the pain! haha

That was around 10 AM. And then we waited. And napped. And waited. And napped. I can’t believe I slept so much that day! I guess God was resting us up for the LONG night ahead! It was finally time. I think it was about 8 PM. We were all ready, and I started working on getting you here. It went really well. I enjoyed the nurses, and your daddy was the best coach ever. There were a couple of times when he seemed to count too slow…I told him to count faster, I couldn’t hold my breath that long! I was also REALLY hungry. I forgot to eat before I went to my appointment, and so then after we got to the hospital they wouldn’t let me eat anymore! Later in the night I had to have an oxygen mask on. I moaned and yelled “it smells like an ICE CREAM SUNDAE!” The nurses laughed and laughed. I told Daniel to tell someone to go and get me a WHOPPER with CHEESE so I could have it after you were born. Again, the nurses just laughed. I WAS SERIOUS!

Well, around 11:00 PM you and I were both getting tired, and nothing was happening. Dr. Mona was so sweet, she had tried so hard to let me do it my way, but you were going to struggle soon, so she came and told me that we were going to have to do an ememrgency C-Section. She assured me that everything was ok, but it was time to switch gears. I cried. I didn’t want to switch gears at all. Then, the unthinkable happend…my “make me feel good” shot started wearing off at the same time, and OH THE PAIN! I think really it was more fear than anything else. It didn’t help that the Dr. giving the epi took FOREVER to come back and change the medicine for it. It also didn’t help that some guy came in and started talking to daddy and I about odd stuff. He had a flannel shirt on, a beard and you could see his chest hair. He started talking to us about the area we live in because he was from there.
I was SO confused! Who was this man and why was he talking to me about stuff I didn’t really care about in the middle of labor and WHERE! WAS! MY! PAIN! MEDICINE!?

Then daddy went and got all dressed up in cool scrubs and I was wheeled into the Operating Room. It was bright, and I was trying to be calm. I just wanted to see you, and I was soooo tired. They took my arms and spread them out, which I knew would happen b/c I had watched so many TV shows on births. They don’t tell you about the cold, though! I kept shivering…I guess I had a hard time getting control of the fear. I just wanted you to be OK. Then, there you were, at 11:38PM…not crying, not coming to see me.
You had a rough start, little guy, that’s why I say you are a fighter. You fought and Dr. T fought for you. All of a sudden, it became clear…that hairy man? Your pediatrician, Dr. T. In the druggie awareness the light bulb came on. I am sure he introduced himself to me, but I don’t remember…I was too hungry to remember anything, I guess! He was over there, working on you and I couldn’t see you…
Daniel was taking pictures and then you finally cried. I heard Dr. Mona talking to daddy about what she was sewing up and he was watching. Then I fell asleep. I was so sad that I didn’t get to see you right then, but I guess I was a little sick myself. You were 10 pounds and 3.4 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long.

At 1:30 AM I woke up in the recovery room. Dr. Mona came in and had done the sweetest thing. She is such a good Dr., Noah. She brought me pictures of you! I just cried, you were so beautiful.
She talked about how big you were (the nurses called you Hercules) and what they were doing to take care of you and me, and that daddy was with you, and that you were perfect. I had to wait a little longer, then they took me to our room, and placed you in my arms. And that’s where we fell asleep.

Let’s go home!

Aren’t I cute?!

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