Noah’s First Birthday Card

I am telling you, I have the most thoughtful friends! You know, those special LIFETIME friends. I have three great ones that I grew up with. They knew me through the short hair fiasco, the playing with Barbie years (even when we were in our teens…), and the…uh…gas experiences! One of my friends has this great knack for finding those great garage sales…you know, the rich rich houses that have name brand stuff? My friend, L, got this for Noah before he could even think about sitting up! He loves it now, it is one of his favorite toys. It was just sweet for her to think of Noah that way. That’s what I mean…LIFETIME friends.

Well, this week I had some wonderful tears when I opened a letter from M, and she had handmade this beautiful card for Noah’s birthday. So much time…Noah, I want you to always know you are loved so much not only by mommy and daddy, but by so many others!

Tomorrow’s the big day!

4 Replies to “Noah’s First Birthday Card”

  1. Ok, Missy. Whatever. You went through a period of like, a month, where you didn’t post! 🙂But yes, I do need to update…and no, there is no more snow. It actually rained the other day!

  2. Hi, Eliza!Noah is so cute. In different pictures I think he looks just like you in his face. I found you through Landon’s website and it has been nice to read about all that is going on. You guys look like you are doing well. Maria Scholma (Elger)

  3. Maria! We are so glad to hear from you! email me and let’s keep in touch! I was really just thinking about you the other day! Hope all is going well for you!Eliza

  4. Hi, Eliza!My email address is tmscholma@yahoo.comLife is good here. I have a wonderful husband, Tim and two beautiful children. Emilie is almost 4 and Drew is 2 1/2. They are so much fun and I love being a mommy. They are a huge blessing.Maria

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