A Year Ago Today

I have so many memories of this time last year! I am quite amazed that I actually remember anything, but it really just seems like yesterday.
I.WAS.SO.BIG. Noah had decided that he wanted to come earlier than we wanted, so I was on bed rest. His due date was actually April 12th, but we knew that he was going to come early. I had a goal…make it to March 19th. This was the day of Noah’s baby shower, and was the day my doctor was going to be back in town from her vacation.
Three weeks earlier I had gone to an appointment, was dialated between a 2 and a 3. I wanted to have him right then, but Dr. Mona wanted me to wait…she was leaving out of town the next day, plus we thought it would be better for Noah to stay until 35 weeks. So, no big deal. I wasn’t having contractions (I thought), so no problem. Well, the next day some things felt…different. I was a little concerned, so we called the nurse and she wanted me to come in. I didn’t want to be one of those that kept coming in for false alarms (we lived an hour away from the hospital), so I just downplayed it. The nurse (I really liked her bluntness)said, well, if you called you must be concerned, I would come in. So we got subs to cover our classes and took off. I was sad and a little worried…I really liked my Dr. and she was on vacation. It WAS really early. I just kind of felt funny, and was worried that I wouldn’t be able to tell what contractions were. He had also not been moving around as much.
We got to the hospital in record time, and the little pains kept getting a little worse. Not too bad, but something was going on! We went into the maternity ward (I was very familiar with the nursing staff and the rooms, b/c of a bad triple screen test…had to come in every week and hear Noah’s heartbeat), and Dr. Mona looks up from a chart at us with a very surprised look on her face! We also must have looked just as shocked! God is so good! My Dr. was still there! She had to do a quick labor that turned into a long C-section, so hadn’t left yet for her vacation! She asked what I was doing there, thinking I was just there to do some monitoring, then realized why we were there. She got us in a room and all hooked up…yes, there were contractions! We waited and waited all day, but in the end she really thought we should wait, and I got a shot. Ohhhh sweet day! I.WAS.OUT. I slept on the way home, slept all afternoon, woke up sometime the next day. Basically, bedrest was the order. I know that most of you would think that bedrest would be boring, maybe even drive you CRAZY. Me, I loved it. I did get bored, but…I got some much needed rest before the BIG DAY! I could still move around, but no laundry, no cooking…hmmm…what was bad about bed rest again? HEHE.
The next week was another appointment, different Dr., that was quick. BUT I had started contractions again. Apparently every time we would get in the car to travel, they would start up. This is where my sweet hubby likened me to driving pigs around in a trailer. HMMM. I guess when you want them to have their babies you would drive them around and out comes the little ones. I am still not too sure about how I feel about that statement! This time they gave me pills (ick). They made me feel awful, so I only took them until I knew Dr. Mona would be back in town.
The shower was on Monday. So many people came. Everything was so nice. I am still teary-eyed when I think of all of the trouble everyone went to for our Noah. I had a comfy chair, a friend re-covered a rocking chair and ataman for me and brought it so I could put my feet up, and…well…I was just blessed. L made this beautiful ICE CREAM CAKE (mmmm I love!) with a Peter Rabbit theme!
What work and how sweet. And it tasted to die for. They even passed around a piggy bank and filled it with loose change for Noah…it is on top of his dresser! Thank you all of my close friends for making that shower so special.

I think it is such a sweet memory for me because all of these friends that were making the shower special I knew were ones that had been praying for Daniel and I for the 6 years we had been wanting a child. They were with me in the hard times and the happy times. Some of them were just as excited as me about being pregnant. They were truly celebrating God’s gift of this life with Daniel and I. Noah was so loved even before he was here! Oh Jesus thank you for the church you have placed us in! So, here are some pictures of that shower…what fun!

These were the cutest decorations…onzies as flowers (Noah is wearing them now) and a diaper cake!

She was so fun! She is tissue saver guru! Thank you so much!

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