My Has It Been A Long, Long Time (watch out, it’s a crazy long one!)

First of all, let me say I am sorry. I said I was going to write more, and HA! God laughed at me and said…Really? Believe me, I wanted to write, Noah has done so many things new just this week, but when it came down to it, family and work took over, and then when I did have a “little” free time to write, I was just plain tired and went to bed! So…I will now try to update you on our little family and all that has been happening.

First of all, in the work area, we have been working on producing a new promotional video for our ministry. Many meetings, trying to figure out how to say HL is an amazing place, like none other, so telling someone about it is a challenging process. There are so many aspects to what we do here! So many seeds planted. So, that was the name of the video…Sowing Seeds. I have never put together a video on my own…from the very start. Ususally we get in professionals to do the video. Not this time, it is home grown! I have this great guy working with me, and is one of those special workers…you ask him to do something and lo and behold, he does it even better than you imagined. No trying to inspire him to work, no step by step holding hands instruction, just one of those rare people who knows the call of God on his life and follows through…but does ask permission for the things he is supposed to, blah blah blah…I could go on and on. Thank you God, for someone so great like that.

So…Not only do we have this great promo we had to do (email me if you want a copy), but we also have started producing our hour long TV show that airs weekly. Some great people in Texas have been helping us out for the past two years (I couldn’t do it all), but God had been really working on me that the show was needing to come back to us and we were supposed to do it. So, after a lot of prayer, that great worker I was talking about earlier moving here and many of our church saying…it’s just not quite like HL, it was time. Boy…what a work it is! Well, we now have 2 completed shows under our belt, are getting ahead in the producing process, and getting our legs underneath us, I feel like it’s going to work. The show has turned out great, it is REALLY good, and I really think God is going to bless it. Isn’t it funny how He really works it out in HIS timing!!??? I had wanted to do the TV show again for a little over a year, but it never seemed to work out. I think it would have been a bad thing a year ago, but now?…can you believe it almost seems easy? Some stress, but not NEAR what it used to be! By the way, when you edit, you basically need to think that every minute that you edit takes roughly about one hour to actually do. So…a 60 minute show? About 60 hours. Could take less, could take more. You have to also go out and tape interviews, set up for that and all of that nonsense…that is what is taking us the most time, really. It’s working, though!

Ok, so how does all of that work with Noah and the family? Well, Daniel has been amazing. For the promotional video I put in a lot of overtime, sometimes all night, so that right there I am blessed to have a husband that takes over the household stuff. I was a basket case most of the time, b/c I missed everyone so much. I just had to keep saying to myself…”self, this too shall pass, and it won’t happen again…” So, it passed, we are proud, and it is over! Now there is more of a routine, I spend the mornings with Noah after I teach band and then at lunch I work while he eats lunch and naps at our ministry’s day care a couple of days a week. I feel much better about that!

**Cute Day Care Story**
I have to tell you this one before I forget! There is the cutest, sweetest little girl in day care with Noah that is about 3 months older than he is, but I don’t know, 20 pounds lighter than he is (yeah, yeah, exaggeration, I know). Anyhow, they were playing on the floor while I was talking to Miss G. and Little Miss picked up Noah’s pacifier and held onto it. He saw her do that, and said (and I quote) “blaui baba dada uhh…” Obviously it meant, “Little Miss, please give me my paci back.” Well, she just looked at him and said “nope.” Plain as day…they were having a conversation! I said, “little miss, Noah asked for his pacifier back…do you want to give it too him?” “Nope.” She says, and runs off away b/c now Noah is going to case her. SOOOO funny. I love that it was just short and cute and to the point in this little tiny voice!

Back to everything else…
Monday March 5th: Mission’s Conference at church. Like revival, very tiring, but good to serve.

Tuesday March 6th: Daddy’s B-day! Whoo Hoo! Mommy got daddy a recliner! Noah is looking forward to many times being rocked on daddy’s lap in it! At lunch Noah was eating and I was playing with him and winking. He imitated me! SOOO CUTE. He squinted both eyes and smiled soooo big. What a tease. Then he did his famous spitting/zerbert move. All mine, he is, all mine.

(Is this cake on fire???!!!)
Wednesday March 7th: Still Missions conference…we are all dead. Happy and blessed, but dead. This week has been amazing in the learning aspects of Noah, though. I have been working hard to get him to say “mama” but to no avail. I think he does it on purpose! Well, we have a visting friend who is a month younger than Noah and she was sitting in the high chair at the day care while her mommy was feeding her, just babbling away. Mamamamama and nanananana were her favorite words. Later that night at supper, Noah pops up with “mamamamama!” I turned and looked at the kids…they immediately said…”He said mamamama!” We partied. He still only does it rarely, but it is so fun. He also is a huge talker now. (Uh oh, not only has he inherited my temper, he has inherited my talking too? Lord help him!) He just plays and babbles all day long! So cute.

Thursday March 8th: Missions conference is over. BEAUTIFUL day outside…spring is finally coming! We went to the farm to start getting everying cleaned up and moved around. Noah came, too! While I was feeding him supper in the car, he looked at me, grabbed his blanket and pulled it over his head and then brought it down really quick, grunting with a smile! Oh My! Peek a boo! He did it again, covering his eyes. I asked “where’s Noah??” He brought down the blanket quick and squealed. “There he is!” I squealed back. I promise you I laughed and laughed and laughed. Then laughed more, because he got honestly tickled and laughed with me. Who knew you could have so much fun with an almost one year old!? It was like we were sharing a secret conversation or something. We just played and played, and laughed and laughed. I am blessed.

Friday March 9th: This is the 11 year anniversary of Daniel and I meeting at a mutual friend’s wedding! WOW, has the time flown by. How fun to think back…the manners, the interrogation from his friends.

Saturday March 10th: What a fun day. We drove to somewhere in another state to buy rabbits from this wonderful older couple. I have some kids that are really into 4H rabbits, so we went to get some new rabbits, and took Noah with us. What fun! He really is a great traveler! It was perfect timing, b/c when we drove it was nap time. We learned a lot, and it was so great b/c there was a park right there so we cold eat lunch on the perfect sun shiny day! The kids played, ate, and Noah had his first swing! He didn’t like it too much, though. He did like me holding him on the swing! He wasn’t too fond of the slide, either.

Well, now it’s Sunday, and it has taken me most of the afternoon to catch everyone up on what has been going on! Daylight savings…hmm…it has kind of messed with Noah and his schedule a bit. I can’t wait to spend the time outside in the sun for the extra hour! Just a normal busy day,though, I put a pair of overall’s on Noah that are actually toooo small for him…guess it’s time to clean out the closet AGAIN and buy another tote to pack all of the too small stuff away AGAIN. He just keeps growing! Thank you Jesus for a growing healthy boy, but man, I only clean my closet out twice a year! I feel I am constantly packing up stuff Noah has grown out of!

Birthday plans are under way! The cake has been chosen, I can’t wake to make it, the decorations have been picked out, and the invitations have been sent out! I think we have finally chosen the gifts (there are so many I want to get him!). Isn’t it so funny all of the planning we do that he won’t even notice!

Basically I am a little teary-eyed leading up to the first year birthday. There are days I just wish he would stay at this age…so sweet, so fun. I miss the little one that wasn’t so little. I can’t believe it has almost been a year! In the next couple of weeks I will be talking about the days leading up to Noah’s birth, since I don’t have it written down in this blog yet! Did you know you can make this a book!? What a great baby book!

Love you all! Hope you had fun with the update!

One Reply to “My Has It Been A Long, Long Time (watch out, it’s a crazy long one!)”

  1. Hmmm…. I remember some of those days leading up to the birth of Noah. I remember you teaching music one day, and me teaching the next! That was a lot of fun.I also remember Daniel coming in with pics of the newly born Noah! Ahh…having babies is a good thing.P.S. You should email me and tell me who these girls are that play in the daycare with Noah.

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