Let’s Make a Deal…

Ok, so I like good deals. There seems to be some satisfaction in my life in finding the best deal. I have found one of those such things this past week! For months now I have been searching for a bath seat. You know, the one where the child can sit in the tub and you don’t have to kill yourself to make sure that the active little one won’t put his face first into the water? There are such seats out there…they just cost an arm and a leg. About $30 plus shipping, or maybe more if you go to ebay. Well, we were in this DINKY little WalMart just looking around (at the sale isle, of course!), and low and behold there is one of those bath seats! And this one had the arm rest thingy with it! I was so excited, I was willing to pay just about anything for it…well, almost! To my disbelief it was only $12!!! 12 DOLLARS??? I very excitedly grabbed it and told Daniel we were getting it…oh boy, what a find! My heart was just bursting with the goodness of God shining down on us! Yes, a little over the top, maybe, but I was really excited!

So, here are some pictures of the first bath in it. He loved it, by the way!

Oh mom, not another picture!
Hey what’s this thing! Another chew toy! Oh boy!

5 Replies to “Let’s Make a Deal…”

  1. Wow, that’s really cute. I’ve never seen one of those before. I really enjoyed the ducky tub Auntie got Natalie for her first Christmas. She hasn’t used it for months (she’s too big now!) but I loved it while it lasted.

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