An Excercise in Trust

Today Noah is 11 months old. Everything is happening so quickly! The year birthday is coming too soon! When I think about what is coming up in the next few years I am so excited, but there is a part of me that wants to keep that cuddly, not so small (10 pounds, remember everybody???) little boy the way he is now. I want to remember it all. I don’t want to forget this feeling of joy, peace, and fear, knowing that God chose Daniel and I to raise Noah to become a great man of God. WOW.


Thank you, Lord, for the miracle of this child…that you let me be a mom. That you trusted me. Thank you for this excercise in trusting You. Trusting You to watch over my baby in the night so I could take my hand off of his chest and believe that I didn’t have to check and make sure he was breathing. Trusting You to take my fear and replace it with peace. Trusting You to guide Daniel and I as parents to make the best decisions. Trusting that every move we make will bring Noah closer to You. Trusting him with others so we can have a little break for each other. Trusting that even when we make mistakes (there were a lot of them, on my part) You were watching and protecting. Trusting You to take the worry from me that I wasn’t doing anything right. Trusting You to guide me so I could stop comparing myself to other moms. Thank you, God, for giving your Son to us as a sacrifice. I don’t know how you did it.

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