Be My Valentine!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here are some pictures of the special shirt I got our “Hunk of Burnin’ Love!”

Isn’t this the face of some valentine mischief?

Well, what a week. Court, snow, and romance. Daddy took mommy out tonight for a candlelight dinner and dancing. Don’t worry, everyone…it was more of a sit at the table thing and pretend to dance…there was a little bit of a dip, though! Just like when they got married! It was fun! (at least that is what mommy says…I didn’t get to go!)

Court went well, we are now legal guardians of Lance! After 6 months of this, we can finally call him ours! Lance Julio William ****. You know, I felt it was a little bittersweet, honestly. Things were going well, everyone feels it is a win win situation, but they had to bring up Lance’s biological mother. That is fine, but they said “legally abandoned” a couple of times. I just wanted to cry. How could a mother give up a child like this. Yes, she could fight if she had the money, I am sure. But she gave him up long ago. No contact for years tells me that. I can’t get along without talking to my mother at least once a day. My heart was, and is, broken. How do you minister to someone with that type of rejection? Those prayer warriors out there, please pray that Lance will continue to grow with the knowledge of our love and Jesus’ love for him. That the anger and bitterness that could grow not have a inkling of a start in his very soft heart. That Jesus will take this and make it overwhelmingly good. I know HE will. Pray that we will have the discernment to know when Lance needs some Godly guidance and loving patience.

We love you guys!

2 Replies to “Be My Valentine!”

  1. Hi Noah! I like your shirt! My Grandma Bales got me mine actually. I got it in the mail on Monday. Guess what? I am going to be 1 tomorrow. I can’t wait to see you at my party. Save room for some yummy cake!

  2. So many things to say!1. Way cute shirt2. I’ll totally pray for Lance. That is a sad situation, but God will take what the devil meant for his harm and turn it into good!3. When I read Landon’s comment I realized that Noah will be one next month! AAAHHHH! He’s getting so big! I looked at baby pics of Natalie today and couldn’t hardly believe that she ever looked like that. My Baby’s growing up… šŸ˜‰

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