Upping the Posting

Well, as I promised, I am trying to post a few more times a week. Although it is still early in the day and not much has happened since then…so…
I have this cute video you guys can watch!

We leave for the hearing soon…some disappointing news, we thought this was it and we are done. No, this is just a custody hearing, then we wait the 6 months, then the adoption goes through. Bummer. We thought we had waited the 6 months already!

Oh yes, and it is snowing. A LOT. ALL OVER. AND WINDY. AGAIN. I actually kind of love it!

One Reply to “Upping the Posting”

  1. OH THAT IS TOO CUTE! So funny. I love it when Natalie does stuff like that. It’s cool now that she’s older, because she is developing her own sense of humor. She’ll do something the wrong way on purpose, or use things for different purposes than they were intended for…cracks us up everytime!

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