Well, it’s Monday. Have you ever did that whole…I am going to do great as soon as Monday gets here thing? I am going to stop eating like I am pregnant and do better on Monday. I am going to wake up early and get more things done on Monday. Monday is going to be different b/c I have this new-found sense of purpose and desire to do better, honor God more, be a better housekeeper.

And then it happens.

Monday comes. I’m tired. I’ve overslept. AGAIN. The room is a mess, I need to shower, breakfast? What’s that? Excercise. I laugh at myself in my head. Oh well, there’s always next Monday, right!?

We (editing staff and tech guy) just got back from a a trip to Oklahoma. My editor has been keeping tabs on this church there that is doing some amazing things. It is a very different concept, but works for the generation we are trying to reach. There is one church, but many campuses. Wow. So, we go to the OKC site…technology is a great thing. Then the pastor gets up and preaches. Almost like we were at a movie theater. LARGE screens. The cool thing was, at several other campuses in OK thousands of people were doing the same thing. All of these other campuses were worshipping with their own worship teams, but when the preacher came on, we were watching the same thing at the same time. Can you imagine the skill it takes for this to happen? The vision? Now, in my skeptical Baptist state I think…seeker friendly…not going to be a challenge…happy God who lets you do what you want. No, my friends…he was our Pastor (who is pretty blunt) about 40 years younger. I was impressed. I was excited. Oh Jesus help us to figure out what of this we can use and reach our hard hard teenage kids!

So, what does this have to do with being a mommy? Well, our pastor rocks so we got to fly down and back and not have to drive, so the 3 day trip was 2, and I got to spend the afternoon with my guy on the Saturday we left. So, I didn’t put him to bed, but I was there the next day to play with him. Thank you Pastor! I still struggle with wanting to be at home all of the time and knowing that I have to work in band (no one else to teach) and TV (some adult time and working on the creative side is MUCH needed). But, God is a great and good God, he knows my heart and I can rest in the fact that I am not going to be asked to do more than I can handle. This is my life, ministry, and God has his hands on Daniel and I. I am so thankful for that peace!

Please pray for us! We go tommorrow to the hearing for Lance!

Forgot to tell you…the church is
Go and check it out! Listen to the Urban Legends messages. Pretty good.

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