Lovin’ It!

I may seem like I’m gushing, cheesy and just all around goofy, but I just love being a mom! I love the smile I get from Noah when he is tickled. I love the laughter when we chase each other around the couch. I love it that he has figured out how to wait and just let me come around the couch instead of chasing me…the little chump! He is a miracle and a half, and I am so proud! Now he can…
-look under the couch and grabs the ball
-raise his hands when we say halleluja!(and loves to clap)

-open and close doors (a huge passion in his life, give him a door, entertained for a good long time)

-arm wrestle…hehehe

-put things in and out of a basket (he has been doing this for awhile, but he recently has found a small basket that his balls fit in perfectly!)
-no more baby food…I try sometimes b/c I still have some, but he now prefers finger foods…chicken nuggets, ham cut up, pork, green beans and his VERY FAVORITE: PEAS!!! It’s funny, he doesn’t like sticky fingers I think, so he prefers to be fed the fruit bits. Oh boy.

I do have the video link up now of Lance and Chris playing basketball! Soon there will be some of Anthony and Dion! There is also some of the kids playing with Maiah’s karaoke machine…what fun!

More updates soon! Grandma and Grandpa are on the move, so I will post more often!

2 Replies to “Lovin’ It!”

  1. That’s ok, we just turned our heads. That arm wrestling one was really funny.I remember when Natalie used to open and shut doors, but they were the doors to rooms. She would shut it a little bit, then crawl around to the other side and open it. Keep her occupied for a loooong time. 🙂

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