Ok, guys, get your knees ready for some time on the floor! We just received a letter telling us that we have a court date for Lance! WHOO HOO! February 13th is the big day. Isn’t that so great so close to Valentine’s day! So, I think Daniel and I are both a little nervous, and the letter says “first hearing.” I thought one hearing and we would be done, but maybe not? Please pray that the procedings would go well for us, and that Lance can begin calling us mom and dad soon! Pray that the judge would be pleased with the paperwork (it was a lot) and just see the need for Lance to be settled and this matter to be done. Boy oh boy I can’t wait!

Yes, I know, I didn’t get video on the link…miscommunication with dad. So, here is a bball picture, video will be coming sometime in the future!

2 Replies to “BIG NEWS!!!”

  1. Yes, we will pray! WooHoo! Glad to hear you have a court date.
    BTW, I loooove that pic of Noah asleep on Lance’s shoulder! So cute! (Plus, I like the dino pj’s).

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