Let’s Make a Deal…

Ok, so I like good deals. There seems to be some satisfaction in my life in finding the best deal. I have found one of those such things this past week! For months now I have been searching for a bath seat. You know, the one where the child can sit in the tub and you don’t have to kill yourself to make sure that the active little one won’t put his face first into the water? There are such seats out there…they just cost an arm and a leg. About $30 plus shipping, or maybe more if you go to ebay. Well, we were in this DINKY little WalMart just looking around (at the sale isle, of course!), and low and behold there is one of those bath seats! And this one had the arm rest thingy with it! I was so excited, I was willing to pay just about anything for it…well, almost! To my disbelief it was only $12!!! 12 DOLLARS??? I very excitedly grabbed it and told Daniel we were getting it…oh boy, what a find! My heart was just bursting with the goodness of God shining down on us! Yes, a little over the top, maybe, but I was really excited!

So, here are some pictures of the first bath in it. He loved it, by the way!

Oh mom, not another picture!
Hey what’s this thing! Another chew toy! Oh boy!

An Excercise in Trust

Today Noah is 11 months old. Everything is happening so quickly! The year birthday is coming too soon! When I think about what is coming up in the next few years I am so excited, but there is a part of me that wants to keep that cuddly, not so small (10 pounds, remember everybody???) little boy the way he is now. I want to remember it all. I don’t want to forget this feeling of joy, peace, and fear, knowing that God chose Daniel and I to raise Noah to become a great man of God. WOW.


Thank you, Lord, for the miracle of this child…that you let me be a mom. That you trusted me. Thank you for this excercise in trusting You. Trusting You to watch over my baby in the night so I could take my hand off of his chest and believe that I didn’t have to check and make sure he was breathing. Trusting You to take my fear and replace it with peace. Trusting You to guide Daniel and I as parents to make the best decisions. Trusting that every move we make will bring Noah closer to You. Trusting him with others so we can have a little break for each other. Trusting that even when we make mistakes (there were a lot of them, on my part) You were watching and protecting. Trusting You to take the worry from me that I wasn’t doing anything right. Trusting You to guide me so I could stop comparing myself to other moms. Thank you, God, for giving your Son to us as a sacrifice. I don’t know how you did it.

Be My Valentine!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here are some pictures of the special shirt I got our “Hunk of Burnin’ Love!”

Isn’t this the face of some valentine mischief?

Well, what a week. Court, snow, and romance. Daddy took mommy out tonight for a candlelight dinner and dancing. Don’t worry, everyone…it was more of a sit at the table thing and pretend to dance…there was a little bit of a dip, though! Just like when they got married! It was fun! (at least that is what mommy says…I didn’t get to go!)

Court went well, we are now legal guardians of Lance! After 6 months of this, we can finally call him ours! Lance Julio William ****. You know, I felt it was a little bittersweet, honestly. Things were going well, everyone feels it is a win win situation, but they had to bring up Lance’s biological mother. That is fine, but they said “legally abandoned” a couple of times. I just wanted to cry. How could a mother give up a child like this. Yes, she could fight if she had the money, I am sure. But she gave him up long ago. No contact for years tells me that. I can’t get along without talking to my mother at least once a day. My heart was, and is, broken. How do you minister to someone with that type of rejection? Those prayer warriors out there, please pray that Lance will continue to grow with the knowledge of our love and Jesus’ love for him. That the anger and bitterness that could grow not have a inkling of a start in his very soft heart. That Jesus will take this and make it overwhelmingly good. I know HE will. Pray that we will have the discernment to know when Lance needs some Godly guidance and loving patience.

We love you guys!

Upping the Posting

Well, as I promised, I am trying to post a few more times a week. Although it is still early in the day and not much has happened since then…so…
I have this cute video you guys can watch!

We leave for the hearing soon…some disappointing news, we thought this was it and we are done. No, this is just a custody hearing, then we wait the 6 months, then the adoption goes through. Bummer. We thought we had waited the 6 months already!

Oh yes, and it is snowing. A LOT. ALL OVER. AND WINDY. AGAIN. I actually kind of love it!


Well, it’s Monday. Have you ever did that whole…I am going to do great as soon as Monday gets here thing? I am going to stop eating like I am pregnant and do better on Monday. I am going to wake up early and get more things done on Monday. Monday is going to be different b/c I have this new-found sense of purpose and desire to do better, honor God more, be a better housekeeper.

And then it happens.

Monday comes. I’m tired. I’ve overslept. AGAIN. The room is a mess, I need to shower, breakfast? What’s that? Excercise. I laugh at myself in my head. Oh well, there’s always next Monday, right!?

We (editing staff and tech guy) just got back from a a trip to Oklahoma. My editor has been keeping tabs on this church there that is doing some amazing things. It is a very different concept, but works for the generation we are trying to reach. There is one church, but many campuses. Wow. So, we go to the OKC site…technology is a great thing. Then the pastor gets up and preaches. Almost like we were at a movie theater. LARGE screens. The cool thing was, at several other campuses in OK thousands of people were doing the same thing. All of these other campuses were worshipping with their own worship teams, but when the preacher came on, we were watching the same thing at the same time. Can you imagine the skill it takes for this to happen? The vision? Now, in my skeptical Baptist state I think…seeker friendly…not going to be a challenge…happy God who lets you do what you want. No, my friends…he was our Pastor (who is pretty blunt) about 40 years younger. I was impressed. I was excited. Oh Jesus help us to figure out what of this we can use and reach our hard hard teenage kids!

So, what does this have to do with being a mommy? Well, our pastor rocks so we got to fly down and back and not have to drive, so the 3 day trip was 2, and I got to spend the afternoon with my guy on the Saturday we left. So, I didn’t put him to bed, but I was there the next day to play with him. Thank you Pastor! I still struggle with wanting to be at home all of the time and knowing that I have to work in band (no one else to teach) and TV (some adult time and working on the creative side is MUCH needed). But, God is a great and good God, he knows my heart and I can rest in the fact that I am not going to be asked to do more than I can handle. This is my life, ministry, and God has his hands on Daniel and I. I am so thankful for that peace!

Please pray for us! We go tommorrow to the hearing for Lance!

Forgot to tell you…the church is lifechurch.tv
Go and check it out! Listen to the Urban Legends messages. Pretty good.

Lovin’ It!

I may seem like I’m gushing, cheesy and just all around goofy, but I just love being a mom! I love the smile I get from Noah when he is tickled. I love the laughter when we chase each other around the couch. I love it that he has figured out how to wait and just let me come around the couch instead of chasing me…the little chump! He is a miracle and a half, and I am so proud! Now he can…
-look under the couch and grabs the ball
-raise his hands when we say halleluja!(and loves to clap)

-open and close doors (a huge passion in his life, give him a door, entertained for a good long time)

-arm wrestle…hehehe

-put things in and out of a basket (he has been doing this for awhile, but he recently has found a small basket that his balls fit in perfectly!)
-no more baby food…I try sometimes b/c I still have some, but he now prefers finger foods…chicken nuggets, ham cut up, pork, green beans and his VERY FAVORITE: PEAS!!! It’s funny, he doesn’t like sticky fingers I think, so he prefers to be fed the fruit bits. Oh boy.

I do have the video link up now of Lance and Chris playing basketball! Soon there will be some of Anthony and Dion! There is also some of the kids playing with Maiah’s karaoke machine…what fun!

More updates soon! Grandma and Grandpa are on the move, so I will post more often!


Ok, guys, get your knees ready for some time on the floor! We just received a letter telling us that we have a court date for Lance! WHOO HOO! February 13th is the big day. Isn’t that so great so close to Valentine’s day! So, I think Daniel and I are both a little nervous, and the letter says “first hearing.” I thought one hearing and we would be done, but maybe not? Please pray that the procedings would go well for us, and that Lance can begin calling us mom and dad soon! Pray that the judge would be pleased with the paperwork (it was a lot) and just see the need for Lance to be settled and this matter to be done. Boy oh boy I can’t wait!

Yes, I know, I didn’t get video on the link…miscommunication with dad. So, here is a bball picture, video will be coming sometime in the future!