Clapping, Fevers, Earaches, Roseola and Stevie Wonder

Clapping? YES!!!! The day I left for my music conference Noah started clapping with me on a song! It was so great!

Well, as I read the other posts of my blogging friends I see that some of them (their children) have been suffering through their first “real” colds. Noah is no exception. The thing that made this worse on my heart was that I also went on my yearly trip to my music teacher’s convention. The first time away from Noah for a significant period of time, mixed with the first high fever/nothing is going to make me feel better but holding cold. I felt awful. It started out innocent enough. A little temperature here and there, not wanting to drink or eat well. Grandma and Grandpa were here to help out daddy with Noah all day, so everything was set. Then the call. 3AM. “Where’s the thermometer? Should we take him in to the hospital? He’s not drinking anything…what should I do?” All of these questions while daddy is holding a crying Noah in his arms. I swear if I could have jumped through the phone lines I would…Instead I just cried. Needless to say Noah went to the dr. that Saturday morning, no ear infection, looks like it might be strep. I left the conference early (thank you Carrie for not being mad and having to miss the sessions!) and got home about the same time Daddy got home with Noah. We slept all afternoon. My poor little guy! Sunday was better, Daddy stayed at home with Noah while Mommy went to church…but the next day the fever was higher than ever before! Again a trip to the dr. This time the pediatrician, not just the walk in clinic. Ear infection. Great. Has some rash. Great. Roseola? Great. What is that, and what did I do wrong for him to have that, now? Medicine. Great. This guy is the medicine king I think! The fever is gone, he is ALL OVER the house, and still sleeping A LOT! And loving pedialyte. I hope to get my house back in order soon, and get some much needed work done! Great.

Stevie Wonder? My guy is so funny! He loves to dance with us…in our arms, wiggling his body back and forth, or just jumping up and down to ANY kind of music. Yesterday he started this Stevie Wonder thing, swaying back and forth. So funny. Even though the little guy is hurting and fighting a fever, he still brings delight to us. Plus, I don’t really mind the holding and cuddling too much, anyway!

Take a look at the xanga site…Noah’s big brother is a basketball star!

This is grandma giving me a bath! How fun! Check out the video link!

3 Replies to “Clapping, Fevers, Earaches, Roseola and Stevie Wonder”

  1. Uh…my last update was the 23rd, whereas yours was the 20th. I have three more days. πŸ™‚
    Natalie got rosiola (sp?) last year, do you remember? Daniel had to sub for me, since I was subbing for you. Rosiola stinks. Scares you so bad with the super high fever, and then you have to deal with a rash. Sorry, Noah.
    Natalie’s fighting off a high fever now, actually. Not sure if she’s sick or just having the worst teething episode yet, or both. Sigh.
    Where’s my manual? πŸ™‚

  2. Yes, sorry…thought dad was going to tape using our camera, didnt do that like I thought when downloading stuff! Now I have to figure out the other camera! Coming soon, I hope!

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