Just Call Me Bilingual

Funny Story…my mommy and daddy are so cool! They want to get me the greatest toys, and try to be cost effective at the same time! So…mommy decided to try ebay. That was fun! I had the greatest Christmas presents from there! One of them was this toy drum made by Leap Frog. It says the alphabet letters or numbers when you hit the drum. It also sings some songs when you hit it, and lights up. All of my favorite things combined in one toy…lights, music and hitting! Whoo! Hoo! Well, when mommy got the drum in the mail, it started speaking in another language! HA! There seems to be no setting to change it, so now I am learning my Spanish numbers and letters, and some phrases! Mommy has decided this is actually a great thing, and is going to try to help me speak the language her daddy spoke. He was from Honduras. So I am saying “Hola!” to my Great Tia’s and cousins in Honduras, New York and Greece! I will be learning Spanish, and maybe my mommy will pick some up too while she is teaching me!

One Reply to “Just Call Me Bilingual”

  1. That’s so funny! We have that drum in the nursery at church. It, uh…speaks English, though. šŸ™‚
    It is a cool toy…

    I never knew your dad was from Honduras.

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