Let’s Praise Jesus!

Ok, of course this is the proud mamma talking again! Take a look at the rest of the posts…there are a few more Christmas ones! I am finally caught up! YEAH! This picture you see here is a glimpse (is that how you spell it?) of Noah really catching on to the imitation thing. At supper tonight I raised my hand with a pizza crust in it and said Praise Jesus! Noah raised his hand with his pizza crust and said…”ahahahayayaahaya…” I truly believe it was baby talk for Praise Jesus! We all laughed and were amazed! He did it several times, so I grabbed the camera. Of course, he just stared at me after that…even with 8 kids around the table raising their hands and saying Praise Jesus! He just looked at them, looked at the camera and smiled.

It’s times like tonight that make me truly happy to be a mom. The worry, sleepless nights, the second-guessing all goes away, and I just rest in what God has given me. What a gift.

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