Finally, Christmas at home!

Mommy, Daddy, Lance and I got to have our own special Christmas after church on Christmas Eve. We had a special church service, and then after everyone went to bed we got to spend time together. We had so much fun! Daddy suprised mommy and got her a family of snowmen…a mommy, daddy, and two boys just like her family now! Lance got a special Bible with his new name on it…Lance J.W.(not saying the last name) I got socks. And, of course, more clothes!

Then, the very next morning we got to open MORE presents with everyone! I love the paper! I got this cool car and this Elephant Ball thing! Everyone got a new shirt, and then daddy did something really special for mommy! She had been wanting the Willow Tree Manger Scene for such a LONG time. Mommy decided that she was going to use her gift from the ministry to get a part of it because it went on sale. She was SOOO excited, but when she went to the store, they were all gone. It was funny, b/c mommy kept going over to the place where it was on display and would just stare at the empty shelf. She was really counting on getting it this year. Bummer. BUT WAIT! Daddy is the hero! On Christmas morning there was the manger scene! He had gotten it for her! It made mommy feel so special that she cried! What a wonderful gift. Daddy, I want to grow up to be just like you.

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