Another Christmas with family!

This was a fun Christmastime! I got to spend time with my Aunt Dana and Uncle Dennis! I also got to meet uncle Robert, too! I got to sit and listen to a beautiful girl sing at her recital! I even got a hold of a doggie treat and snacked on it until mommy caught me! She was wondering why I was so quiet and calm!
It was nice enough that everyone could eat outside! My mommy keeps saying that it is going to get really cold, soon, but I don’t think so! G’ma you can cook! I really did like that treat, though! HAHA! I had so much fun!

3 Replies to “Another Christmas with family!”

  1. El, you are the sweetest commenter ever! makes it easy! That way all of the pics will come at you like that, instead of you scrolling down the page so much! Love you! Eliza

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