The Top Ten Things I Can Do Since My Last Blog

1. I have figured out how to walk and get around a table (it was pretty scary at first, but when I am wanting the remote I am determined!)
2. I can wave…you won’t see it, though! It usually happens about 10 minutes after the person has left.
3. I love to push anything around. My new car, laundry basket, toys. Anything!
4. I have two new teeth! These really hurt as they came in, and biting anything (including mommy’s shoulder) is my goal in life these days.
5. Zerberting while eating my yummy perfectly spitable food. Need I say more?
6. I have discovered McDonalds! My grandma Pat got me started. Now, if we are at McD’s, mommy has to hurry and feed me my food before her food comes…as soon as I see it, I refuse anything but a good ol’ cheeseburger! This happened on my Grandma Pat’s Birthday! Happy Birthday G’ma!
6. I can now eat finger foods! Chicken nuggets, green beans, cheerios. Eating real food is so much fun!
7. Open and closing doors. It fascinates me! The problem is when I am in the room and shut the door, and stay sitting there…daddy can’t come in that way! HA!
8. Dancing. I am getting really good at dancing when there is music on! Sometimes even when there is no music!
9. You know the sounds that the Indians make? Woo with your mouth? I can do that too! Mommy just laughs and laughs.
10. I can hold my own bottle and put my own paci in my mouth! Mommy is moving me to cups, though…not too sure about those yet, still!

3 Replies to “The Top Ten Things I Can Do Since My Last Blog”

  1. Oh man! What a big boy you are Noah! You are growing up! Natalie likes Micky D’s, but she usually gets chicken nuggets, yum, yum! You’ll figure out cups someday. All the cool kids use one, and you’re pretty cool, so you’re bound to get it!
    P.S. 10 pts to you, Eliza, for using the word “zerbert”. I love it!
    P.P.S. Natalie used to bit me on the shoulder, too. What is up with that?! I think she bit me way more than she bit Jason. She just loves me a lot, I guess.

  2. Yeah…will be sticking to the chicken nuggets, too! That was g’ma’s doing! Cups…tried without the safety thing…needless to say had to go and change again before church! And yes, he just bites me! Crazy, but I love it!

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