Clapping, Fevers, Earaches, Roseola and Stevie Wonder

Clapping? YES!!!! The day I left for my music conference Noah started clapping with me on a song! It was so great!

Well, as I read the other posts of my blogging friends I see that some of them (their children) have been suffering through their first “real” colds. Noah is no exception. The thing that made this worse on my heart was that I also went on my yearly trip to my music teacher’s convention. The first time away from Noah for a significant period of time, mixed with the first high fever/nothing is going to make me feel better but holding cold. I felt awful. It started out innocent enough. A little temperature here and there, not wanting to drink or eat well. Grandma and Grandpa were here to help out daddy with Noah all day, so everything was set. Then the call. 3AM. “Where’s the thermometer? Should we take him in to the hospital? He’s not drinking anything…what should I do?” All of these questions while daddy is holding a crying Noah in his arms. I swear if I could have jumped through the phone lines I would…Instead I just cried. Needless to say Noah went to the dr. that Saturday morning, no ear infection, looks like it might be strep. I left the conference early (thank you Carrie for not being mad and having to miss the sessions!) and got home about the same time Daddy got home with Noah. We slept all afternoon. My poor little guy! Sunday was better, Daddy stayed at home with Noah while Mommy went to church…but the next day the fever was higher than ever before! Again a trip to the dr. This time the pediatrician, not just the walk in clinic. Ear infection. Great. Has some rash. Great. Roseola? Great. What is that, and what did I do wrong for him to have that, now? Medicine. Great. This guy is the medicine king I think! The fever is gone, he is ALL OVER the house, and still sleeping A LOT! And loving pedialyte. I hope to get my house back in order soon, and get some much needed work done! Great.

Stevie Wonder? My guy is so funny! He loves to dance with us…in our arms, wiggling his body back and forth, or just jumping up and down to ANY kind of music. Yesterday he started this Stevie Wonder thing, swaying back and forth. So funny. Even though the little guy is hurting and fighting a fever, he still brings delight to us. Plus, I don’t really mind the holding and cuddling too much, anyway!

Take a look at the xanga site…Noah’s big brother is a basketball star!

This is grandma giving me a bath! How fun! Check out the video link!

Just Call Me Bilingual

Funny Story…my mommy and daddy are so cool! They want to get me the greatest toys, and try to be cost effective at the same time! So…mommy decided to try ebay. That was fun! I had the greatest Christmas presents from there! One of them was this toy drum made by Leap Frog. It says the alphabet letters or numbers when you hit the drum. It also sings some songs when you hit it, and lights up. All of my favorite things combined in one toy…lights, music and hitting! Whoo! Hoo! Well, when mommy got the drum in the mail, it started speaking in another language! HA! There seems to be no setting to change it, so now I am learning my Spanish numbers and letters, and some phrases! Mommy has decided this is actually a great thing, and is going to try to help me speak the language her daddy spoke. He was from Honduras. So I am saying “Hola!” to my Great Tia’s and cousins in Honduras, New York and Greece! I will be learning Spanish, and maybe my mommy will pick some up too while she is teaching me!

Mommy’s New Do

So, to most this won’t be too significant, but I would like for you to see my mommy’s new haircut! It is different! It isn’t too different, that is hard to do when she has curly hair! BUT…it is a different style, and considering that she has been attached to the same haircut since her sophomore year in High school, this is a big deal. (because that was a long time ago!)


Wow, guys, I have had a lot of firsts this week! My mommy decided to lift up my little green car into a different position. I was so curious! I grabbed the handle and took my first steps without anyone’s help! I am growin’ up now! I still don’t like to do it too much…I am much faster when I crawl!

I love playing “hide and seek” now, too! Mommy will hide behind the couch and call my name, and then she crawls away! I almost got her, too! She doesn’t crawl too good. She gets me all the time, though…I will “run” away from her and look behind me to see if she is near. Then I laugh and laugh and laugh! I am having so much fun!

Check out the video link!

Ok, so there has been this problem with me getting videos on this blog for some reason. I think b/c it switched formats or something. SO…I made a link to another blog I have that allows me to put videos on! YEAH! These are just random things, something fun to let you all see into our window of Noah growing up these days! Can you believe it has been 9 1/2 months! I am amazed at all of the things he can already do…they learn so fast!

Oh yeah…Click on the green Noah’s Videos link to your right! Then click on “videos.”

Love you guys!