Times they are a changin’

Last weekend I had the funniest sight, guys! I was playin in my room and all of the kids were going crazy cleaning! My mommy was down on the floor under my crib, and so I decided to go over and see what she was doing! She had the rails down, the mattress out, and seemed to be stuck under my bed! It was funny, because I just tried to play with her and she couldn’t get me! hehe. So, finally she put everything back together, and put me in the bed. It was AMAZING! The bars on my bed are longer than before now!

Well, I just had to check this out, so what happend next? I STOOD UP! My mommy just wanted to cry…I just bounced up and down and smiled…so then mommy got the camera! I’m getting really good at pulling up, now! I can pull up on the coffee table and my crib, so watch out people! Anything is possible!

I am a pro at crawling, too. Mommy has to watch me closely now, because I just love exploring my new world! Boy isn’t life grand! Thank you Jesus!

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