Video Accomplishments!

Ok, guys, I am dangerous now! I have now figured out how to post video and slideshows on Noah’s blog! Just one more opportunity to let you all experience the joy we have with our boys! The first video is our laughing monkey. He loves to play peek-abo with Ben and Ben loves to play it with him. So much fun.

The second one is of the Bongo incident. If you listen real close you can hear him squeal at the end! It made me laugh when he laid down on the drum. What a card.

Isn’t it funny how us mom’s put the best things up! I can promise you you won’t see a video of his fits!But of course, there wouldn’t be one, b/c he doesn’t have those, right!!!???

Love you guys!

2 Replies to “Video Accomplishments!”

  1. Hey there Noah! Can’t wait to see you in a week! I have an outfit to wear. It has red, khaki, and green in it. Do you have something that would match? I think anything would look good! Love you!

  2. Uncle Nate said…
    Hey there monkey man! I sure do like your videos! Mommy and daddy must be really proud of you already being an accomplished drummer! I know I am! This Thursday will be so fun when you and Landon get to hang out!

    See you soon!
    Uncle Nate

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