Like Father Like Son

Ok, so this isn’t Noah talking right now, this is his proud mom! I have to tell you what Noah did today! It’s pretty amazing to me, none of you will probably be amazed unless you are a grandma or grandpa, but just let me “brag” a little!

Today we were in the living room and Noah was on the floor playing while I was working on my laptop. He is crawling now, so he gets where he wants to pretty fast. He got over to the wall by the TV cabinet…not a big deal, right? Except that we have some bongos over there that the kids play on sometimes. He went right to them and started tapping on them! It was so neat! He just started tapping away on both sides.

I brought them over away from the TV cabinet and sat him up by them. I tapped a couple of times, he tapped a couple of times…this lasted about 10 minutes people! If you have met Noah, that is amazing, he is pretty active and moves around a lot, not staying with one activity too long! AMAZING!

Yes, I know, probably not that big of a deal, just a proud mommy gushing over her little boy…but give me a break, it’s my blog anyhow! hehe

The family is doing great, we finished up paperwork for Lance’s adoption today, Daniel meets with the home study people tomorrow. Please pray for us, we want this done SOON!

Love you guys!

2 Replies to “Like Father Like Son”

  1. Hurray for Noah! And hurray for getting things moving with Lance!I think it’s ok for you to brag, Eliza — that’s pretty cute. Moments like that are so fun. They way make up for the hard times.

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