Falling into a new season

Boy oh boy is God ever a neat God! This is the first time I have ever gotten to see this color show He puts on, I hope I always enjoy it as much as I have this year! I like to hold the leaves and hear and feel them crinkle in my hands. What a weird feeling!

Mommy is enjoying the colder weather a whole lot, because she likes the boy winter clothes better than the summer clothes! I don’t like my coat, but I really like wearing my hat!

MOMMY NOTE: I am so amazed at how Noah is growing up so much so quickly…people warned me about it, but I didnt realize how quick it really was until now. He isnt really a baby anymore, he is becoming a little boy! Daddy and I are truly blessed by our little miracle, and are thankful to all of you who helped pray him here! He is truly a happy baby, smiling most of the time! We can’t stop smiling ourselves!

One Reply to “Falling into a new season”

  1. They do grow up so quickly! What other year of a person’s life do they change so much in looks, size, knowledge, and personality? There’s nothing like it!I wish there were more trees here so that Natalie could play in the leaves. I love autumn, but WY doesn’t have nearly as many trees as MO, and we live in a trailer park so there’s about one tree on the whole street! Hence, no leaves in my yard. Sigh.

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