Let’s Talk Turkey!

Ok, guys, I just had to show you this! You all know that my husband loves the farm and everything about it…raising animals, working in the ground. Well, God has given him a talent that everything he touches seems to grow…including the 3
45 pound turkeys (two of Noah, basically!) we just had dressed! No, this wasn’t our Thanksgiving turkey, it was too big to fit in my oven! We are still trying to figure out how in the world to cook these birds! Just thought you would get a laugh…only he could do something like this!

Obviously we couldn’t find a refrigerator big enough either!

Happy eating!

Thanksgiving Day!

Wow, what a day! I turned 8 months today and we had a big turkey to celebrate! We had grandmas and grandpas and Aunt Kari and Uncle Nate and my cousin Landon! Then we had some more people come! My mommy says it was for Thanksgiving, but I know that everyone was there for me! HEHE!

I had such a good time with my cousin Landon. We laughed and hugged and kissed and grabbed at each other! It was so much fun! Mommy made me homemade Turkey, and I loved it…it is much better than that baby food in jars stuff! Mommy wouldn’t let me have any pumpkin pie, though!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!


As you all know, I am a huge fan of this season. All of my experiences of Thankfulness and Praise seemed to be heightened this year. (I wonder why…)

This blog I am posting goes out to our parents, Noah and Lance’s grandparents. We are so blessed. What better examples of a Godly lifestyle than two sets of parents that love and worship Jesus? We are so blessed that we have parents that are together, love each other and love God. That’s all that matters, really, in this life. So many things are bad, so many things are hard, so many things are, quite frankly, scary. In this sinful world Noah and Lance have a heritage that can withstand whatever the future holds for them.

A heritage. “Something passed down from preceding generations.”

What a heritage my sons have! Grandparents that have continually served Jesus though all circumstances. Grandparents that serve others tirelessly. If it is serving hungry people in New Orleans, putting up a church ceiling even when you are in pain, or painting a church late into the night, our parents are there. Taking time off work to tear down a barn for their church, getting to church early to set up to feed hundreds of people, and even going back out on the road because just sitting and enjoying the retirement life is not doing enough for Jesus.

I have learned so much from our parents. When all seems unfair and wrong, they are calm, consistently serving with mouths closed, even when they are serving selfish people. I hope that I have just a mere morsal of servanthood like that. I hope even more that my Lance and Noah can learn from us like we have learned from our parents: humbleness, character, integrity, servanthood and an undying, unwavering love for Jesus Christ.

Times they are a changin’

Last weekend I had the funniest sight, guys! I was playin in my room and all of the kids were going crazy cleaning! My mommy was down on the floor under my crib, and so I decided to go over and see what she was doing! She had the rails down, the mattress out, and seemed to be stuck under my bed! It was funny, because I just tried to play with her and she couldn’t get me! hehe. So, finally she put everything back together, and put me in the bed. It was AMAZING! The bars on my bed are longer than before now!

Well, I just had to check this out, so what happend next? I STOOD UP! My mommy just wanted to cry…I just bounced up and down and smiled…so then mommy got the camera! I’m getting really good at pulling up, now! I can pull up on the coffee table and my crib, so watch out people! Anything is possible!

I am a pro at crawling, too. Mommy has to watch me closely now, because I just love exploring my new world! Boy isn’t life grand! Thank you Jesus!

Video Accomplishments!

Ok, guys, I am dangerous now! I have now figured out how to post video and slideshows on Noah’s blog! Just one more opportunity to let you all experience the joy we have with our boys! The first video is our laughing monkey. He loves to play peek-abo with Ben and Ben loves to play it with him. So much fun.

The second one is of the Bongo incident. If you listen real close you can hear him squeal at the end! It made me laugh when he laid down on the drum. What a card.

Isn’t it funny how us mom’s put the best things up! I can promise you you won’t see a video of his fits!But of course, there wouldn’t be one, b/c he doesn’t have those, right!!!???

Love you guys!