"Look At What Hatched This Year!"

Boy did I ever have the greatest time last Friday night! Mommy and Daddy’s ministry had their annual open house, so I got to meet 900 or so of mommy and daddy’s closet friends! My daddy is so proud of me that he took me right up on the stage in front of everyone and let me meet them! I got to dress up in this neat chicken outfit so he could talk about our new chicken farm. Everyone laughed and laughed. I just stared at everyone and smiled when granma Debi took my picture!

We were really busy that night, so grandma and grandpa came over and played with me…I had so much fun! I got to go with them and listen to the music as my mommy danced across the stage and played her trumpet while she “waded in the water!” I kept the beat and danced with my whole body while grampa and grandma held me!

THEN…I got to go see my OTHER grandma and granpa! Mommy decided that since I had started crawling they needed to see me, so I got to go to their house and see their puppies and go to their church’s harvest fest. It was really neat to see granma and granpa minster to what seemed like the whole town! Granma and granpa were silly and dressed up, too! I had so much fun being with them, I want to go back soon!!!!! I really want to get ahold of those doggies and pull on their hair. I LOVE MY GRANDPAS AND GRANDMAS!!!!

One Reply to “"Look At What Hatched This Year!"”

  1. Oh my goodness! So cute! How sweet — he seems like such a sweet little boy! I love the chicken outfit. Did he do the Chicken Dance? 🙂So Heartland has a new chicken farm? Cool. What are we going to do with it?And I want an email about this dance number you did with a trumpet! What was that all about? I want pictures!

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