Did ya know??

Did you know that I am seven months old today? Wow. I am growing up fast.

Did you know that I have the biggest calic ever right in the front of my head? I am going to hate that when I’m older. At least I’m a boy!

Did you know that I am getting better at scoot-crawling!? Better watch out mommy and daddy! Here I come!

Did you know my mommy just had a birthday and got an I-pod nano? Go Daddy!

Did you know that my Uncle Nate has a shirt kind of like this? That’s why my mommy got it, because it reminded her of Uncle Nate and the shirt he wore at Christmas time! (I don’t remember that, that’s just what I’ve been told, I was still in mommy’s tummy at the time!)

2 Replies to “Did ya know??”

  1. Uncle Nate approves! Noah, I’m glad to see that your parents have such great taste! It is improtant to begin developing style at an early age, obviously your mommy and daddy understand that! Remember my rule of thumb: the more ugly the shirt looks on the hanger, the cooler it will look on you!Love you,Uncle Nate

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