Tigger’s A Wunderful Thing!

Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy!

I love to bounce! My Grandma and Grandpa got me the coolest toy! I could bounce all day long! Sometimes, I forget that I can bounce, and when I remember it suprises me and I go at it again! This is great because we don’t have a house for the bouncy seat that fits on the doorframe…it even plays music!

All is quiet here in my little world! I got my flu shot yesterday…I was such a big boy I didn’t even cry! Not one wimper! Mommy was so surprised! It was a little sore afterwards, but I’m not complaining! Mommy thinks it as something to do with the nurse that gave it to me…she was nice…I liked smiling at her a lot!

Well, going on a road trip now! See you guys soon!

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