GO MU!!!

So, my big brother Lance has decided that I am an MU Tiger fan. WHOO HOO! We kicked off the upcoming basketball season by going and watching “midnight madness” at the stadium. WOW! We all got to go, and had a great time! It was fun watching the girls and boys teams play against each other! I also got to see the Tiger. I really liked watching the lights, though! It was loud, and everyone was so excited! Maybe I’ll understand why, someday!

We went really late to Columbia, and then got home really late. I wasn’t too cranky, and wanted to be up at my normal time the next day! Mommy wanted me to sleep in, I think! Daddy went and looked at cows the next morning really early. Daniel (one of my big brothers) brought home a calf for next years 4H fair…I can’t wait until I get a calf! Mommy might be scared for me, though, I will have to be careful!

2 Replies to “GO MU!!!”

  1. Awww! I’m so excited you’re blogging now, Noah! All of these updates are so precious! Congratulations on your two teeth! They will help you eat that meat you’ve been working on. 🙂 Your friend Halle is ready to play with you again soon! Come on over when you get the chance! –Love, Ruth

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