I am a multitasker of almost!

Mommy and daddy were so excited yesterday, because I finally have two teeth coming through! You can feel the little ridges! It was funny because mommy kept trying to show her friends at church so I decided to stick my toungue out at everyone…ha! The Dr. last week told my mommy that it would be a long while before I get any teeth…it has only been a week! I have been chewing on everything…the star gma and gpa got me has been my favorite thing so far! I have been spitting up, too. Mommy and daddy don’t really like that too much!

I can almost sit up, too! I can by myself for a little while, but if something is really interesting to my side then I think that is more important, and go for it!

I think I want to crawl next, yesterday I also got up on my hands and knees and rocked back and forth, back and forth! What fun!

Mommy and daddy are so excited about my almosts, and I am just happy! I want to give my favorite cousin a shout out…hey Landon!

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