My First Blog!

Welcome to the Noah Blog! Mommy and Daddy knew that I would have my first roll over, my first laugh, my first smile, but my first blog!? Wow!

I am doing great today! I am six months old now, and mommy and daddy are thinking that I am getting too big too fast! I laugh, babble and say dadadadadadada…I love to smile when he walks into the room!

I am eating all kinds of food, now, but really don’t like the meat mommy keeps trying to give me! She mixed it with apples, so I tolerate it, but I don’t smile with it! I love juice…and I love to drop and make noise with my juice sippy cup! My favorite food is my mommy’s favorite food…sweet potatoes! I also like pears and carrots. I’m not too sure about peaches, though! All of the boys and Maiah like to laugh at me when I eat them, b/c I make really funny faces. I sneeze when I eat Turkey…just give me veggies and I am happy!

My big brother Lance plays with me all of the time…I love to smile at him, too!

Mommy and me, we get along great. She reads to me and I even get to help her edit the TV show once in awhile…it’s cool. Her favorite thing is to get down on the floor and play with me.

One Reply to “My First Blog!”

  1. Hey Noah! This is your cousin Landon. I can’t wait to see you again. Are your teeth hurting? Mine do. I like sweet potatoes too. Aren’t they so good? Well, sleep good tonight!Love,Landon

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