"Look At What Hatched This Year!"

Boy did I ever have the greatest time last Friday night! Mommy and Daddy’s ministry had their annual open house, so I got to meet 900 or so of mommy and daddy’s closet friends! My daddy is so proud of me that he took me right up on the stage in front of everyone and let me meet them! I got to dress up in this neat chicken outfit so he could talk about our new chicken farm. Everyone laughed and laughed. I just stared at everyone and smiled when granma Debi took my picture!

We were really busy that night, so grandma and grandpa came over and played with me…I had so much fun! I got to go with them and listen to the music as my mommy danced across the stage and played her trumpet while she “waded in the water!” I kept the beat and danced with my whole body while grampa and grandma held me!

THEN…I got to go see my OTHER grandma and granpa! Mommy decided that since I had started crawling they needed to see me, so I got to go to their house and see their puppies and go to their church’s harvest fest. It was really neat to see granma and granpa minster to what seemed like the whole town! Granma and granpa were silly and dressed up, too! I had so much fun being with them, I want to go back soon!!!!! I really want to get ahold of those doggies and pull on their hair. I LOVE MY GRANDPAS AND GRANDMAS!!!!

Did ya know??

Did you know that I am seven months old today? Wow. I am growing up fast.

Did you know that I have the biggest calic ever right in the front of my head? I am going to hate that when I’m older. At least I’m a boy!

Did you know that I am getting better at scoot-crawling!? Better watch out mommy and daddy! Here I come!

Did you know my mommy just had a birthday and got an I-pod nano? Go Daddy!

Did you know that my Uncle Nate has a shirt kind of like this? That’s why my mommy got it, because it reminded her of Uncle Nate and the shirt he wore at Christmas time! (I don’t remember that, that’s just what I’ve been told, I was still in mommy’s tummy at the time!)

Tigger’s A Wunderful Thing!

Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy!

I love to bounce! My Grandma and Grandpa got me the coolest toy! I could bounce all day long! Sometimes, I forget that I can bounce, and when I remember it suprises me and I go at it again! This is great because we don’t have a house for the bouncy seat that fits on the doorframe…it even plays music!

All is quiet here in my little world! I got my flu shot yesterday…I was such a big boy I didn’t even cry! Not one wimper! Mommy was so surprised! It was a little sore afterwards, but I’m not complaining! Mommy thinks it as something to do with the nurse that gave it to me…she was nice…I liked smiling at her a lot!

Well, going on a road trip now! See you guys soon!


Boy is it cold outside! I decided to dress in my camo outfit today, and wanted everyone to see how cool I look! I can’t wait to go hunting with daddy! Mommy says I am too little this year (I don’t think so!) But soon I will get to go with him and my big brother! I might be too noisy anyway, because I have discoverd my squealer voice. I know that I can get everyone’s attention with a simple squeal! Mommy doesn’t get mad, though, because I always smile with it, so she just laughs!

GO MU!!!

So, my big brother Lance has decided that I am an MU Tiger fan. WHOO HOO! We kicked off the upcoming basketball season by going and watching “midnight madness” at the stadium. WOW! We all got to go, and had a great time! It was fun watching the girls and boys teams play against each other! I also got to see the Tiger. I really liked watching the lights, though! It was loud, and everyone was so excited! Maybe I’ll understand why, someday!

We went really late to Columbia, and then got home really late. I wasn’t too cranky, and wanted to be up at my normal time the next day! Mommy wanted me to sleep in, I think! Daddy went and looked at cows the next morning really early. Daniel (one of my big brothers) brought home a calf for next years 4H fair…I can’t wait until I get a calf! Mommy might be scared for me, though, I will have to be careful!


I am a multitasker of almost!

Mommy and daddy were so excited yesterday, because I finally have two teeth coming through! You can feel the little ridges! It was funny because mommy kept trying to show her friends at church so I decided to stick my toungue out at everyone…ha! The Dr. last week told my mommy that it would be a long while before I get any teeth…it has only been a week! I have been chewing on everything…the star gma and gpa got me has been my favorite thing so far! I have been spitting up, too. Mommy and daddy don’t really like that too much!

I can almost sit up, too! I can by myself for a little while, but if something is really interesting to my side then I think that is more important, and go for it!

I think I want to crawl next, yesterday I also got up on my hands and knees and rocked back and forth, back and forth! What fun!

Mommy and daddy are so excited about my almosts, and I am just happy! I want to give my favorite cousin a shout out…hey Landon!

My Big Brother Lance

I have the best biggest brother ever!

Lance is a Mizzou fan, and wants to go to college there. Mommy and Daddy are working on adopting him, he has lived with them for a long long time. In September Lance turned 14. We had a great party for him, and now he has this cool guitar!

I light up when I see him, I can be crying, and he will walk in and I just laugh and laugh and laugh…he is the best playmate ever!

Lance is the greatest clarinet player! He is also learning guitar in music class. I love to listen to him play…I can’t wait until I get to learn and play with him!

He’s also a great soccer player! He has been so patient this year, and has learned so much…mommy and daddy and I are so proud of him!

My First Blog!

Welcome to the Noah Blog! Mommy and Daddy knew that I would have my first roll over, my first laugh, my first smile, but my first blog!? Wow!

I am doing great today! I am six months old now, and mommy and daddy are thinking that I am getting too big too fast! I laugh, babble and say dadadadadadada…I love to smile when he walks into the room!

I am eating all kinds of food, now, but really don’t like the meat mommy keeps trying to give me! She mixed it with apples, so I tolerate it, but I don’t smile with it! I love juice…and I love to drop and make noise with my juice sippy cup! My favorite food is my mommy’s favorite food…sweet potatoes! I also like pears and carrots. I’m not too sure about peaches, though! All of the boys and Maiah like to laugh at me when I eat them, b/c I make really funny faces. I sneeze when I eat Turkey…just give me veggies and I am happy!

My big brother Lance plays with me all of the time…I love to smile at him, too!

Mommy and me, we get along great. She reads to me and I even get to help her edit the TV show once in awhile…it’s cool. Her favorite thing is to get down on the floor and play with me.